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Mickleover joggers is run by a dedicated team of individuals- all with either a coaching or run leader qualification. Meet our leaders, and learn a bit about their stories.....

An Introduction to our lovely coaches and run leaders



Founder member

Leader in running fitness

Fitness Teachers Diploma Level 3

Wright Foundation Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (GP referral)

I started running regularly around 2009 when Jog Derbyshire first started. I started with a Couch to 5k course. Originally I hadn't really been interested in running but was kinda forced into it as a part of my job in a sports centre! Needless to say I really enjoyed it and then got so much out of helping others to learn to run, that when my husband and I moved to Mickleover in 2013, I was interested in setting up a new club.

In June 2013, along with a lovely lady named Jo, I started Mickleover Joggers.

Jo and I had worked with Jog Derbyshire previously and found ourselves in a position to form Mickleovers first jogging/running club. We both worked incredibly hard in setting up and maintaining the group. Jo's personal commitments changed and she left the group in early 2014.

Since then Mickleover Joggers has become a really big part of my life, some say my first baby! I'm so incedibly proud to see how we've grown, taught people to run, relocated to larger premises, trained run leaders, not to mention our runners' achievements in completing couch to 5k courses, 10k events, half and full marathons and ultramarathons!!

We really are an inclusive club!


Running has also helped me physically and mentally. I love getting outside, listening to some great music and forgetting everything. Mickleover Joggers has helped me get faster, fitter & maintain good mental health.


2018 saw a life changing time for me. My husband and I completed a round of IVF and were incredibly lucky to become pregnant. I really had to learn how to delegate within the club! I eventually stopped running in October (around 25 weeks). Our beautiful boy Samuel arrived a tad earlier than expected in the January, and I was actually rather poorly. But both of us came through it all and are in perfect health now, with thanks to the fantastic team at the Royal Derby Hospital. I returned to running in the Easter, and have slowly been getting back to where I was before my pregnancy (not there yet though!). Although now I find it really hard to be consistent with my running and not being as involved in the club as much. Luckily my team of run leaders are there to keep everything ship shape!!


Things I love about running: freedom, being outside, chatting to others, supporting new runners.


Things I hate about running: buying new trainers, finding the motivation to get off the sofa when it's freezing cold outside.



Assistant Coach & Leader in running fitness

In 2015, I did a couch to 5k course. Before that, I had never run. Doing 30 seconds running in that first week was torture - I honestly thought I was going to die! I survived the course though, and caught the running bug. This year I have completed my first marathon and Ultramarathon! I love run leading, and helping other people achieve things they didn't think they were capable of.



Leader in Running Fitness

I started running back in 2017 when I did a c25k course with Mickleover Joggers. 

I'm not going to lie - I have had a love hate relationship with running but the support from club members is great and it's so much better running in a group.

​I now I love running and find the club sessions varied and good fun!

​Everyone is so friendly! I have now done a few 10k races but my aim for 2022 is a half marathon. 



Leader in Running Fitness

Rachel love hills!



Leader in running fitness

I starting running on January 1st 2013 after my brother asked me to support him with the last leg of the Bob Graham round in October that year. This involved, for me, running 6 miles on the road. He also entered me in to the Derby 10k in April 2013. I went from couch to 10k in 4 months, running mainly on my own. Then I did the Colin Potter 10k July 2013. After supporting my brother  I stopped running, as I found it hard training on my own and motivating myself. In 2016 I was doing circuit training in a group wearing my 2013 Derby 10k tee-shirt when I met Joy, who invited me to Mickleover joggers. I told her I hadn't run for three years, but Joy said 'it does not matter. Mickleover Joggers cater for all runners'. So I went along, and have never looked back. With Mickleover Joggers' support and coaching I have ran a few 10ks, Derby 10 mile, Derby half marathon and Naseby 16.45 miles, just to mention a few. I ran the Yorkshire Marathon in 2020. I became a leader in 2018 and love supporting other runners and helping them achieve their goals. 



Leader in running fitness

I’m David. I starting with the club as a way to improve my fitness in other areas and I lacked the self-motivation.

My wife was already running with the club, so along I came. Never looked back.

Joining a club is the best way to commit to something.

I well and truly caught the bug and my enthusiasm for it grows all the time.

I love trail running and mountain biking and having the peak district close by is perfect.



Leader in running fitness

I started running for the first time since school on the Couch to 5K course in 2017. At the time of signing up I thought I wouldn’t complete the course as I like to chat and certainly couldn’t run and talk as I struggled to run and breath!! But I did complete it and and can now run and chat! Pleased with my Couch to 5K achievement. I thought I would never run any marathons but I ran my first half marathon in June 2019! I would never have been able to do this without Mickleover Joggers support.
I decided to become a jog leader to try to inspire others to keep going, as no matter what your motivation to start running is, Mickleover Joggers will help and support you to achieve your goals. It's not all about running marathons but the journey of staying focused and making friends along the way.



Leader in running fitness


I last ran a competitive running race in 1964, apart from a fun run dressed in a cardboard box painted as an OXO cube.

Our family has always enjoyed walking and consequently my main competitive physical exercise over the following years was walking, from 10k through 40k up to 100k events. In October 2018 inspired by our daughter’s successful taking up running I did the Couch to 5k with Mickleover Joggers and have not looked back since then.

In addition to club activities, I have participated in running events such as 10k races.

I have also become a Leader in Running Fitness. I am a firm believer that most people can learn to jog or run once they have taken the initial, often difficult, step to have a go at it.


Chris L

Co-leader in running fitness

I have always been a keen runner since school, which  i can only just remember, running in cross country and some local fun runs.

But started running again in 2018 and started running parkruns and joined a club in 2019 where I competed in the Derby10 mile. But due to work issues and the pandemic stopped in 2020.

Then thinking of holidays realised I had put on some timber and could no longer fit in the shorts needed to do something active, so in july 2022 started to do parkrun again,  totally unfit  stopping 3 times . 

Then, after meeting up with an old friend and being encouraged to join  mickleover joggers  in September 2022, I have loved every minute.

Becoming a co-leader and looking to progress to full leader being able to support others,at the same time as improving my own ability. 

The club is inclusive to all abilities and offers support  to all runners. 

Since September, I have managed to reach several  goals  and love encouraging others to do the same


Chris C

Leader in running fitness

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